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We are Fox Lab.

At Fox Lab , we’re just as much entrepreneurs as we are engineers, designers & product managers. We understand deeply that building a company is hard, & requires more than just great tech. That’s our difference. We use our experience to add value to our partners well beyond the world class apps we build. We become a part of your team — strategising with you, making important introductions, playing devil’s advocate, building out customer acquisition channels. We work hard to make your dreams come true, because your success is our success.


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Why Us

We specialize in a couple of technologies, which allows us to provide solutions quickly, and in very well designed process.

Our company is made of developers, who can work directly with the client. This means, when you have a problem, you can discuss this with a specialist, who can provide solution quickly. We work in agile methodology – you have control and access to the process of developing software.

You will be involved into process – we will need your feedback quickly, to make sure that all goes in the right direction.

Our developers will consult your ideas and give you best solutions based on them. This also means we will refuse or challenge some tasks which won’t be necessary or can be replaced with a ready made solutions.

We are inducting up an extensive approach to test your software that encompasses all parts of the product.


Delivering highest quality code

Our experts use best practices and their own vast experience to produce readable, scalable, highly efficient code.

Remote work from day one

Team members work remotely in environments that boost productivity and allow them to reach their full potential.

Great communication

As a remote-first company, we’ve mastered online communication and project management, using top tools.
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Our tested process in a nutshell

Transform ideas to products

Transform your idea to a minimum viable product in given period

Fast-track tech pace

Accelerate your tech growth to keep pace with business demands

Enjoy Software

Payment processing was our first contribution to the Bitcoin ecosystem, but it is not our last.

Lets Distrupt Together